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Vast improvement after 2nd Lap, told that Endo was not causing the pain

Hi all,

I posted back in December following my 2nd lap in 13 months. I was really angry and frustrated immediately afterwards as the consultant, a BSGC centre specialist in Endometriosis was really dismissive of my pain and symptoms at my appointment. He told me he did not think the pain or symptoms were caused by Endo (I was diagnosed in Nov 2015) and that he didn't know what could be causing the pain but I had better go back to my GP. I stood up for myself and said "if it was endo before and I have the same symptoms now, then it is endo again". He then agreed to do the lap to find out and surprise, surprise, he found endo in the same places and two new ones. After the lap he did not come to see me so my first opportunity to speak to him is on the 31st January at my follow up. The gynae who was on rounds told me it was endo again and where it was so I had confirmation I was not going mad.

I am now 6 weeks post op and feeling much better. All the pelvic ache is gone and I now just have some annoying bowel issues and muscle strain pain in my back, both of which I have had for years on and off. I wanted to share my update with you all as I feel that some many women are discouraged or dismissed by doctors and never get the treatment they need to help. I am proof that they do get it wrong and that not all endo cases are the same and each of us deserve a tailored approach to get that best treatment possible. Hope it helps.

P.S. I am looking forward to speaking to my consultant and seeing him eat humble pie.


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Hi Nicki glad things have improved for you. It's always nice to hear goods news.

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I'm having my second lap within the next few months, which I had to fight for. Diagnosed with endo when I was 20 I'm now 26. The pain is worse than ever so I hope a second lap helps me as much as it has you.

Lovely to hear good endo news on a rough day xx


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