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Bleeding days after Laparoscopy

I had my laparoscopy a week ago now, I was told to expect a little bleeding (Menstrual) as they did a smear test at the same time. However, this is a week later and I am STILL bleeding, and its getting slightly heavier. But the blood is quite bright, new blood and not the dark red menstrual blood usually is.

Ive called 111 Last night and they told me to go to the walk in centre (Which I did) and i got told to sit it out until my gp appointment tomorrow.

Has anybody experienced this?

Its also worthy to say that im on the contraceptive pill and therefore I shouldn't be bleeding?!

Anybody had this?

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I bled for nearly three months after mine. Sometimes it looked liked small pieces of flesh. I kept going back to be told it was normal.

Go see your GP or contact your gynaecology Ward for advice, if it doesn't seem or feel right don't leave it xx


Could I ask what birth control if any, you were on? I've been told by my gp to take my break off my mercilon pill and hopefully my hormones will go back to normal as will the light bleed

They've done swabs and I had a speculum exam and she couldn't see anything unusual

I really don't want to be bleeding for so long!


I was given the merina coil .... it was awful ! I had so many side effects , the worst being palpitations . Surgery was July and I then demanded it's removal in November .... best thing I did ! Pain has increased but I feel like myself again!


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