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Suspected endo without any symptoms

Hi there,

I'm 34 and recently went to my doctors to get to the bottom of quite consistent bloating (I thought it was diet related). She sent me for an ultrasound where the nurse found a 3.7cm chocolate cyst on my left ovary, a backwards tilting womb, a small fibroid and my that my ovaries are quite close to my uterus. I rang my GP for more info and she said that it sounded like I might have endometritis.

This Monday I went to see a gynaecologist who says it is quite likely that I do because of the cyst and the position of my ovaries but the only way to tell is to do a laparoscopy. She went on to list all the risks involved with the laparoscopy and said there's a 1 in 100 chance of something going wrong.

I'm completely spun out by all this information as I've never had any symptoms of endometriosis at any point in my life. I had normal and regular periods as a teenager and then went on the pill at 17 to try and control my bad skin. I was on and off the pill until I was 33 with a couple of year long breaks in between and again my periods were regular and my skin was bad.

My partner and I were literally about to start trying for a baby this month and I'm really unsure what the best thing is to do. We haven't tried yet so I've no idea how hard it will be. I don't feel like there's anyone to chat to about this as I don't know anyone who has it and I've been spending the past few days trawling the internet trying to find out more about this.

I'm not even sure what I'm asking at this point. I suppose I'd like to know is it wise for me to get a second opinion, get the laparoscopy despite the risks or just start trying for a baby.

Any advice or thoughts would be massively appreciated.

Thanks so much,



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