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What is HRT?

Hey everyone.

I had my first laparoscopy three months ago and was diagnosed with endo, polycystic ovaries and possible pelvic chronic.

The pain was back straight away, I fought with the doctors that it wasn't just operation pain as when you know, you know this familiar pain.

So I'm now going to have HRT injections.

I'm just wondering if anyone can provide me any insight as to what these actually are? What do they do/how do they help and what are the side effects?

When I google hormone replacement therapy it just keeps telling me about the pill or implant!

Thank you x

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I read your previous post and you have been treated horribly. What is the name of the medication they are proposing - is it tibolone?

They left a lot of endo in so you have not been treated properly. We can't name surgeons here but if you would like to post the report of your surgery on my private FB group we can see what was found and done and go from there.




Hi I'm currently on HRT medication in form of patches and pills. Because of my endo Iv gone into premature menopause and I don't have any oestrogen left in my body so this medication is a way of helping me have periods the artificial way. I have to take them 4 months until I go back to see the Drs.


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