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Missing coil

I had a lap at the end of August after 6 months on Prostap during which they fitted the mirena coil. The report said my endo had vastly improved during the 6 months on Prostap since my first lap. I only had some bleeding from the initial surgery and then just spotting when I wiped over Christmas, and compared to the pain I was experiencing I've only had some mild discomfort. Yesterday when I tried to check my coil I can't find the strings should I be worried or and make an appointment with my GP or just wait and see my consultant I have an appointment next week


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I had my coil fitted early Nov. Went to see the nurse at my surgery about 5 weeks later as advised to be told they couldn't find strings. My GP has requested an ultrasound but not an urgent one. I have my post-op consultant appt next week so hopefully she will advise more. Mine is for endo symptoms but I've also been sterilised. The nurse said if it's not for contraception it's not an urgent issue whether it's there or not! I tend to disagree and would like to know where it is but I think it's just a waiting game. If you have a consultant appt soon I'd wait, unless you need it for contraception in which case see your GP if you can get in sooner. Good luck.


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