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Work problems

I've got a doctors note to say i can not work a lot of hours and need them reduced and i can't lift heavy things. My boss said yeah that's fine, he'll sort out the schedule.

He hadn't sorted anything out. He's scheduled me 3-4 different 9 hour shifts a week. I can barely cope with working 3 hours, let alone 9. I've had to hand my notice in. It's the only way it's going to work.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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I'm sorry these days employers have lack of empathy as I to provided an excuse besides endo I have bladder mesh and chronic pain with back issues but they never from start accomadated my frequent use of restroom resorting to me having an accident plus I quit to later return on the promise of accommodations that fell through and got fired - they refused unemployment to top off so it's been extra emotional stress. Some people just don't understand the crippling discomfort these systems bring I fear I'll never find a match job and long term career due to this chronic disease


I'm sorry to hear that. I've also just started at a nursery but that's only 9 hours a week to begin with. Which suits me a lot better than working at Mcdonalds.

I hope you find something soon


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