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Norethisterone Query

I took Norethisterone for 6 months previous to my first ever Laparoscopy in August 2015, now since the first laparoscopy I have been fine and got told not to continue with the Norethisterone but then since August 2016, my periods have been lasting 2 days then 2 days nothing then back to 2-3 days and due this time I've been in excruciating pain, and when I have been wiping, it's just dried, brown blood!

I'm going to be booking in an appointment with my doctor again, obviously I've moved house since the laparoscopy however will if I ask to go back on the Norethisterone as when I was on these the period pain was minimal and the period was either light or non existent every month.

Will the doctor allow me to try it again?

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