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Some hope to you ladies that have been told your chances of conceiving naturally are slim to none

I just wanted to write this post to give some hope to women who were perhaps feeling the way I have been over the past few years.

My journey started with me collapsing a few years back and being rushed into hospital with suspected appendicitis.

Numerous ultrasounds,follow up appointments and a laproscapy later (to remove a chocolate cyst not my appendix) I was told I had severe grade 4 endometriosis and then sent on my way.

On my next follow up appointment 4 months after the laproscapy I was shown the extent of the endo scarring in the pictures taken during the laproscapy and it was horrendous..I had it everywhere including my bowel.

I was told at this appointment that I would be classed as sub fertile and I had approximately a 1% chance of conceiving naturally.I was then told the best chances of conceiving and helping with the pain would be to have surgery done with a specialist who would remove the endo but this probably would come back after a year or so.

Wanting to be a mum 1 day this news devastated me. Considering at this point I was also 31 and single I felt even more like the odds were against me.

Over that past year my dad was also diagnosed with cancer so this was like a double blow to me.

Fast forward to this year and my follow up appointment for the surgery got delayed as the administrator 'forgot' to forward on the letter to the specialist

During all of this confusion I met my current partner.We were sat discussing children one day (as he is in his mid 30s) and said he would like a child one day so I told him my situation.

He was extremely understanding and after discussing everything we decided to stop using protection as the chances of getting pregnant were so slim but we had agreed if anything should happen although we hadn't been together long we would both be happy anyway.

The following month my period was 5 days late..I had been late a couple of times before (due to the endo and irregular periods) so I didn't really think too much of it but not having used protection I got a pregnancy test just incase.

Fast forward a few weeks and we are now 16 weeks pregnant.Everything is going well with scans and baby all doing fine so far :)

I just wanted to write this post because when I was told all of that by doctors I went through such a range of emotions and started beating myself up that I'd left it too late or that I was never going to be able to have children.

I wanted to give someone who may be reading this a little bit of hope that what the doctors say may not always be 100% accurate and miracles do happen.

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Thank you so much Dollydella....and huge congratulations to you and your partner!! This is really lovely news and just shows that miracles can and do happen 💕!

My endo is a similar stage and presentation as you...two failed fertility cycles later but my partner is confident and urges us to think positive and not give up - hoping for a miracle too 😌 X

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Congratulations, that's amazing news and I'm really happy for you. I'm just about to start ttc again after my lap so hope I have some of your luck rub off on me.

All the best for the pregnancy x

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That's such fab news!! Congratulations. It gives me hope as I was told it was pretty unlikely that I could have children. Good luck with the pregnancy x

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