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Is it Endo?

Hi I don't know where to start lo, I'm new here. I have three boys and have had two miscarriages the last one was August this year. After having my third child and restarting my periods I noticed that day 1 and 2 of my period I have pain radiating to my left buttock, I saw my GP and was referred to a gynaecologist, whilst waiting for my appointment I became pregnant, I was four weeks pregnant when I had my appointment with the gynaecologist who discharged me and said there was not a lot she can do as I'm pregnant, however two weeks later I lost the baby. My first period after the miscarriage was awful I was in such terrible pain towards the left side of my ovaries it was like intermittent stabbing pains! Back to the gp again who could not diagnose me with anything again. My next period was horrendous the first two days of my period I am in excurciating pain in my left buttock it's almost like labour pains in my lower back with extremely painful spasms in my left buttock I can't walk or move and am in tears all day long, also with the pain and during my period I have increased pms symptoms including cramps one week before my period, constipation and fining it difficult to urinate. Once my period is over all of these problems go and I feel back to normal. I've seen my gp again (7th time now) concerning my periods and I'm getting nowhere I've been told I do not have Endo and have had a scan which showed nothing. After having researched I think I may have Endo sciatica but I am at a loss as my go won't help and now I feel like I may have to go private to get this solved.

Anyone else experience similar problems or symptoms any help would be appreciated, I am dreading my period to start in two weeks! 😭😭😭😭


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