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Success story!

After having a lap and removal of endo via diathermy on the 16th Dec, I finally got a phone call from the surgeon yesterday to say that I should now be completely clear of endo and my fertility shouldn't have been affected by it at all!

I am over the moon as it's been a long journey of having unbearable pains and ibs symptoms for over a year which completely interrupted my final year and exams at university, and also the psychological effects of feeling totally alone, unlistened to, and at times not believed.

I'm going to be taking he cilest pill 3 months at a time to try and keep the endo at bay. I had the coil in a few years ago and didn't even make it 24 hours without it needing to be emergency removed due to a sudden infection and pain that made me faint - so that really wasn't an option for me again!

Does anyone have any tips of certain foods, diet, vitamin supplements or anything that would contribute to keeping the endo at bay?

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas as possible xx

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I'm got my lap on the 7th Jan hooray!! so nice to here some good news for you!! It's makes me more positive!! X merry Christmas 🎄 😀


I'm doing well on a gluten free diet and also taking turmeric and omega 3 supplements X


I'm not usually that into the diet stuff but it is growing on me. I used to drink a hell of a lot of milk but I do wonder now if this contributed given all the hormones our poor cows are given and it is breast milk after all from a cow. I also don't eat as much red meat although that's just a dietery thins and I try where possible only to eat organic meat and fish ( but it is expensive ). Some people advocate not eating foods which are inflammatory - others may be better to advise on what is and what isn't. Avoid soy milk as it can bump up your estrogen levels too much . Ive also got rid of any plastic drink bottles id reuse at the gym and invested in a metallic thermos type one for cold drinks. I got rid of my microwave and use tin foil in place of cling film ( especially a no no is clingfilm in the microwave ive heard ). My new years resolution is to stop eating ready meals that are baked in their plastic containers or stored even in plastic to avoid dioxins I think this is. I also take serrapeptase but I don't really know if it helps but I take it anyway. Good luck and I hope you continue pain free etc. Endo can sometimes come back so sometimes best to be prepared for it - for me it came as a shock and was frightening but ive been able to have interventions by the hospital zolodex surgery etc to manage it. Yeah the coil sucks I had mine taken out after 5 days never ever again !!!

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