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Should I request an MRI scan ?

Hi all,

I'll try and cut a long story short - had a lap in July . A large dermoid cyst was removed from my right ovary and a small spot of Endo was removed from the left side of my womb. I had the mirena fitted. The constant assured me that he looked everywhere for Endo and it was clear.

I'm still getting a lot of pain and swelling . I got my gp to remove the coil this week as I couldn't stand the side effects and and it didn't seem to be helping.

I've never had heavy periods . My issue was just pain. I'm still getting pain on my left side . I've often suspected pelvic congestion syndrome , either that or there's Endo hiding in me somewhere.

Should I ask to be referred for an MRI scan?

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A MRI can show up severe endometriosis but not all other forms. You also need a radiologist specialised in this area to interpret the result. Normally it will be the gynaecologist ordering the appropriate MRI scan as they normally have specific radiologist to read the result.

Could you have another consultation with the gynaecologist to discuss your issues and any further action ?

Best of luck


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