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In the doldrums - Signed off again

My fortnight hospital note after my lap and cystoscopy ended Monday so I went in to work yesterday. Omg it was so painful on my left incision wound in my office chair. First painkillers 30 minutes after sitting down and I could barely walk by the end of the day. I arranged to wfh today which my employer is good about. When I got home I called the hospital to see if there was a problem with my stitches. They told me to up the pain relief and rest.

I had a bad night sleep and when I woke up I felt awful, cold , shakey exhausted and weak with jelly limbs and couldn't think for brain fog. By 9.30 I'd not even managed to wash shower or get dressed let alone walk the poor dog so I reported in sick. I asked the gp surgery for a telephone consult and went to bed. Slept almost solidly through to 3 pm !! The gp called at half three and signed me of for another fortnight. I am really down in the dumps and low.

Just feeling like Christmas and everything is passing me by. I'd had nothing much to do at work the day before as I've been out of the loop so long and felt useless. Also I am due to start a new role with a new manager in the new year. I was due to have my appraisal Friday and meet my new boss that day too. Now I'm gonna have to tell her about my operation which I'd hoped to avoid, at least till I had established myself, and miss my first deadline to write my goals for the year.

Sorry for whinging. Just really totally fed up with it all, I'd felt better till I went back. It feels like quite a set back and leaves me in sort of a limbo worrying about my review and unprepared for the new job, which is a promotion so giving me performance anxiety already.

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Hugs. It is normal to feel really down and awful after surgery in my experience, especially when you've gone through all that crap and it hasn't actually made you any better. That said, 2 weeks after a lap with complications is very soon to expect yourself to be back to normal at work. The doc has signed you off, so clearly they think it's too soon as well. You are still ill with endo and you've had surgery on top of that, so it's a double whammy. But if things start to feel really bleak, please contact your consultant and talk it through with them.

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So sorry!

You've got to remember that a laparoscopy can end up being fairly major abdominal surgery, even though the scars are tiny. Inside has had a lot of work done and it takes time to recover. It's better to be fully well when you go back to work rather than struggling in and making yourself worse; take special care of yourself and keep in touch with both your GP and your work.

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Thanks Jo and daisy x

To top it off I was meant to go on holiday to Tenerife on 1st (25 days post op) which was the light at the end of the tunnel, after the failed return to office this week I'm getting nervous about managing it.

Spoke to my new boss this morning and she was lovely about it so that is a relief. But after my current bosses reaction I suspect endo has cost me my performance bonus this year.


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