Mirena coil.. what are your stories on it?

I had it fitted in May after op following horrendous pelvic pain with and without period. I'd say it probably took a while for it to kick in but after a few months was bleeding really light and only lasting a day or three sometimes a bit on and off with no pain. It was like this for a couple of months I think. The next period was a bit heavier and quite crampy but didn't last long. Now this period I'm having now has been loads heavier, really quite uncomfortable sometimes (not as bad as before but definitely worst one since I've had the mirena) also it's been over 3 weeks with a two day gap in between. I'm seeing my dr Friday to talk about all of this as I'm sure my skin has got really bad in past few months from it too. Is this pretty normal with the mirena or do you think I'll need to try something else? Thanks xx

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  • I had one put in but had to have it removed 5 days later as it had slipped into my cervix I was in agony but I'm gonna try it again becuase once it's settled I'm hoping it will help I think it's different for everyone some it may help others it may not but doctors seen to think it's the way forward x

  • Hey. I had the coil fitted 2 years ago and found it has helped so much with pain!! I did have a horrendous year the first year after fitting with continuous infections of bacterial vaginosis and PID . also was bleeding more than I wasn't. I stuck it out as it's the only contraception I can use and I'm glad I did. I still take Naproxen daily but haven't taken anything on top of that for months now :) I do randomly spot every now and again but still, it's better than it was before. I'm not sure if my post is helpful or not but things do settle with time.

  • It has a 60% success rate so isn't for everyone and you'll get the whole gamut of experiences from love it to loathe it. If it's not too bothersome yet then perhaps it's worth giving it a bit longer to settle and to weigh up the pain relief vs side effects for you individually?

    I'm in the wait and see camp currently as it's too soon to tell.

  • Thank you all for your replies. Sorry for not replying sooner. They're all helpful comments yes as everyone is different so wanted to compare. My period pains got so bad recently that reduced me to tears so I went back to Drs of which I've had swabs, due a blood test to check anemia and a scan to see if mirena coil has gone up into pelvis and that's causing probs.. xx

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