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Traumatic laparoscopy yesterday

I had my long awaited laparoscopy yesterday but things didn't go to plan.

I was put under ok and the gas was pumped in, but as soon as they inserted the laparoscopic port my heart slowed and stopped completely for 20 seconds - I had to be brought back with CPR.

My anaesthetist spent a long time talking with me in recovery, he said it's a freak event and he has only seen it happen 3 or 4 times before in 15 years, usually to fit and healthy people. He does not believe I have a heart issue, but thinks it was a reaction of the vagus nerve to the pain of the port being inserted. He has referred me for a cardiology outpatient appointment for my own peace of mind.

The laparoscopy did proceed but with my surgeon being rushed by my anaesthetist to get it finished so he couldn't spend as long looking around as he wanted to. My dye test showed my right tube is clear, my left tube where the hydrosalpinx is did let some dye in and he could see it moving through but due to time constraint by the anaesthetist couldn't see if it came out the other end. I had scarring on my left ovary which he said he couldn't determine the cause of, and some adhesion between the left ovary and pelvic wall.

Today I feel still a bit shell shocked and also disappointed not to really have any answers. The pain of the air inside me is awful, made worse by a very sore chest from the CPR.

I've not read any similar stories on here but if anyone has had experience of the above before I'd be really grateful for you to share!

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I'm so sorry to hear you had such a horrible time. I had a lap 4 weeks ago and they told me afterwards that they had a very scary few moments because my heart rate dropped when they put the gas in. Fortunately they were able to get it under control with drugs alone. I'm otherwise healthy and don't have any heart problems, and I haven't had problems during previous surgeries. I don't know yet how much of a problem this is or if it's just one of those things but it is very frightening.

Please be kind to yourself and take lots of pain meds. x.

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Huge hugs. That sounds really traumatic. The gas is awful isn't it ! I found nothing really touched it you just have to move to find a less painful body position and get a bit of relief until it builds up again. My gas pain started to settle on the 4th day I think.

I had complications as the morphine nearly stopped me breathing and I was kept in over night on a drip, but nothing as dramatic as CPR. You poor thing...rest up now. It's a week and a day since my lap and I've picked up surprisingly quickly in the last day or two. I did my first proper dog walk today albeit at snails pace then needing a 3 hour siesta this pm to recover!


Hi there,

Firstly I'm so sorry to hear what you went through and it's totally normal to feel like you are, and to want answers. Anyone would be the same.

Just remember that even though that dreadful thing happened, there was a second thing which also happened - and that is you woke up fine and are now recovering. It's all too easy to get fixated on the bad and forget any positive parts. You are strong and your body is an amazing thing!

Also, don't be frightened to ask your doctor what is worrying you and, if you find it is affecting you long term, maybe consider seeing a counsellor. I did for something else and it really helped me to move on and get perspective. I can't recommend it enough.

Don't worry about the gas - it is horrible but it DOES pass! peppermint tea really helped and just eat small portions. It will go I promise.

Sending you a big hug xx


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