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Headaches with the Merina Coil


I wondering if anyone else suffered with headaches on the Merina coil? I had it fitted 4 months ago and have suffered with migraine-type headaches since which are getting worse. My GP has advised I double up on my Amitriptyline but it doesn't seem to be working.

I'd be grateful for any advice. I had the coil fitted to control my Endometriosis.



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I suffered awful migraines on the mirena and had it out after 5 months. I had migraines before I had it fitted - generally a day or so before my period. But they came every few days on mirena, so I assumed it was the hormones. I had lofepramine (another anti depressant) to help with them and I think it helped a bit, but not much.


Hi Marcia, thanks so much for getting in touch. Your situation is exactly like mine, I started to get migraines just before my period but not at any other time. Now I have the Merina coil fitted the headaches are nearly every day. I think I've had made my mind up to get it removed. Jo xx


You seem to have given it a good try so I don't blame you. I just couldn't function with that many migraines and no one would believe me they must be related to hormones! I've since had a hysterectomy and haven't had a migraine since so am even more convinced they were hormonal!! A rather extreme course of action I know but i did have adenomyosis and was 42.


Hi Marcia, the next option for me is a hysterectomy. Have you had any issues with anything else since your hysterectomy?


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