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Hysterectomy problems

Hi ladies just wondering if any of you ladies have had a hysterectomy & had problems ? I have suffered from endometriosis since 1995 have had previous gyayne surgeries & finally 8weeks ago had total hysterectomy & unfortunately things didn't go to plan & had to have emergency surgery on perforated bowel & have ended up with a stoma bag 😭 I don't know how common this happens & any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm really struggling to come to terms with this .

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Hi there. So sorry to hear your problems. I had a hyster in feb 2015 and have been in excruciating pain since but that's still not as bad as the place you find yourself. I have heard of many people who have to have a bag for a short while and then have it reversed so I hope that can be your story too.

Take a look on the hysterectomy associations website - forums.hysterectomy-associa...

As there's loads of useful info there and I'm sure you'll find some understanding ladies to chat too.

Best of luck.


Hi Allie

I had a TAH and BSO on Dec 1st. I'm still in some pain, but I am up and about now. I'm sorry to hear you're in such a bad place after your surgery.

When I signed the consent for my surgery, I was told there was a 1 in 80 chance of my waking up with a stoma bag, as I had severe bowel adhesions, but they would try to repair the bowel during surgery to avoid that.

My consultant said the 'normal' risk of colostomy following a hysterectomy would be 1 in 800, but my bowel adhesions increased this by 10x. I questioned my consultant very closely on what this would involve, and she assured me it would be temporary if it happened, but I would need to wait until I was fully healed from the hysterectomy before it was reversed.

Thankfully, I didn't need one, though I lost my ovaries in order to preserve my bowel, which saddened me - by the time my ovaries had been mobilised, apparently there was very little left of them. It was an outcome I had been prepared for.

I think you should go back to your consultant and ask more questions - it seems poor that they didn't go through the risk and possible outcomes with you at the consent stage of your surgery.

I really hope you find this is something that can be reversed once you are healed from your hysterectomy.

Best wishes



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