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Advice on what to do next


I have stage 4 endo. I was diagnosed april 2015. I have had 2 ops..been on zoladex fpr 6mnths and now on the mirena coil.

my last op was late june 2016..i was fine for yhe first 3months and been in hell since. Pain has doubled. To the point i thought i had ovarian cancer with my symptoms. I am 26 so they wont remove anything and im.also epileptic so i cnt be on the pill. Can anyone reccomemd on what i do next. I am seeing my gyno this tuesday to explain what ive been growing through and the pain. I feel there isnt anything else i can do. I am so unhappy..in constant pain and just want to be my happy self again.


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hey, so sorry to hear that you are having a rough time of it. Are you seeing a gynaecologist at a BGSE centre? If not then I would suggest that you request a referral to a BGSE centre, you can find one closest to you and then ask your GP to refer you. x


I was going to suggest the same. The difference in the care I have received and the understanding and knowledge of the consultant at a BGSE centre is amazing.


completely agree, I had the same Janie32 😊



No i just see a gyno at fitzwilliam hospital. I will have to look online and see where the nearest one is.

Thanks x


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