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Pain and trying not to cry !😭

I'm currently laid down with a hot water bottle trying not to cry as I'm in so much pain! It feels like im being stabbed up my bottom (I know tmi) I couldn't even wee because the pain from bottom.

I'm due to go back to my placement tomorrow as I was off last week because of pain. And because people can't see it I feel like they don't understand.

I just hope the nefopam kicks in !

I hate this 😭

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Just try and hold on for your meds. The pain will go.hugs xxxx


I had the exact same when I had my follicles out!

I feel for you, keep drinking loads of water xx


I had this pain earlier. It was so bad that I had to stop weein. I've not been able to pass a BM all day as it hurts too much to bear down.

I feel your pain and it utterly sucks.



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