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What have your experiences of post op been after heavy work done on endo and damage caused?


Hi there, just over 2 weeks ago I had surgery again, this time to get rid of the endo and repair the damage caused. My liver was stuck to my diaghragm, my bowel was stuck to the back of my navel and my bladder was completely wrapped up in scar tissue. All of the endo was removed and my bladder (which had shrunk to nothing) was re-inflated. They also did a cystoscopy and looked inside my bladder for endo - but happily found none.

I had a kidney infection within a couple of days, but I think that's cleared now.

I'm recovering and the pain is less already, but I feel nauseous most days and headachy and am still very very weak - more so than before the op.

They've said it could take 6 months before I'm feeling really well and back to my old self. That said I've had this for so many years, I can't remember what "back to my old self" feels like and am really looking forward to finding out.

Have you guys felt like this after your ops, when you've had a lot of work done? Is it normal?

Thank you!! x

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Wow that a huge surgery. Now it patience until everything heals. Proper nutrition helps in healing. Wish you all the best

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Thank you. I'm eating really badly as I'm on my own and really haven't got the energy to cook. A friend from the other side of the country messaged me last night though to say that she's ordered me 2 weeks worth of ready meals from waitrose that I can pop in the microwave...very sweet of her. Hopefully that'll help. xx

Yes my surgery was bigger than I expected initially and the recovery much much slower than I expected. I thought after about 2 weeks I'd be fine, but I'm 4 weeks now and I am improving but slowly. I've now just accepted recovery takes times, some good days and then some bad days all mixed up. Different pains, tired some days not so much others. Try not to micro analyse everything and just look after yourself and give your body what it needs to heal.

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Thank you. I really appreciate that. It's difficult to rest completely. My kids are staying with their Dad at the moment during the week while I can't drive them to school but I'm on my own so still having to do everything around the house - although there is much less to do when you're on your own. I'm glad it's not just me that's finding it slow going, but sorry that you're suffering. I really hope you feel much much better soon. xx

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