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Its only a period !!! arghhh

I had a chat this week with my manager who said 'the menopause is awful i would love to have periods again i could cope with them' . This was after I had been bleeding at work passing clots the size of my fist and in agony in the day and waking up in pain at night. Arghhhhh. I filled her in on how endo is. Feel very tired of working with endo and would resign if i could !!!

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Arghhhh....I wish I could slap such people, so stupid, so insensitive. I have a friend who has never had even mild period pains ever in her life. Once we had gone out and my periods started a couple of days early. I almost passed out from the pain and she was all "whats the big deal, its not like you are the only one who gets periods, stop whining". Even after 2 years I get all kinds of ragey thinking about it. I don't know what makes them think they can comment on an illness that they don't have. I hope you feel better soon.


Thanks, just speaking to people who understand helps me so much. I have been in touch with my union rep who has offered a 1 hour information giving session about endo and other gyane issues and understanding and equity at work. My manager is crap in general. Thanks for the reply take care x


Sorry , people can be so insensitive, my periods were like giving birth every 3 weeks so I feel your pain, I had 3 large babies, and my periods were not much different in the end, print of some information for your boss, xxx

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I agree, I had an induced labour and the pain is the same each month. It can floor me and make walking and standing challenging. Unfortunately with endo pain there is no end purpose and end point like with labour.

But is helps talking to people who understand, thanks for the reply and take care xxx


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