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Ruining my life

Soooo here goes! I really

Hope somebody somewhere can relate as I have no idea which way to turn......

This has been ongoing for over 4years and I am worse now than I have ever been 😢

I have had 3 ops and appears to have just made me worse!!

I have/had endometriosis which was sticking my organs together, a chocolate cyst (5cm) and adenomyosis

I had my last surgery in march this year where they removed the endo and cyst......the cyst is back and from the agony I am in I would presume the endo is 2 😢😢 my period are unbearable and I'm in pain for 2 weeks even after I have stopped bleeding....nobody seems to understand the extent of the pain and only seem to be focused on getting me on the IVF train.

Whilst I would love to have a baby I need my health to be better to enable me to do so and so I no longer know which way to turn. I am trying acupuncture but that is lengthy and I honestly don't think I can have another period as it is destroying me both physically and mentally.

Any advice would be so so so so welcome. Thank u ladies xx

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Hi I'm sorry to hear that you're having such a difficult time. I think you need to go back to your GP or gynaecologist and speak about pain relief and stopping your period perhaps and your concerns. Hope you get better soon xx


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