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Advice please

Ok so a few months ago I saw a lovely gp who said she thought I may have endometriosis based on my symptoms. She prescribed me naproxen which I am yet to use. She arranged for me to have an ultrasound, nothing abnormal found.

I went back to my normal gp a few weeks ago to see if he could help ease my symptoms. I was told that because I suffer migraines I can't have the pill. He basically said I just need to dose up on anti-inflammatories a couple of days before my period and use them until the pain goes. This is all well and good but I get pain at ovulation, as well as pain anytime during my cycle. I haven't been back as I just feel like he fobs me off, not just with this but other issues as well.

My pain is increasing. I try not to take meds as I don't like to, but I am finding myself needing them.

Anyone have any advice on what I can do next? I am hoping to get an appointment with a different gp soon.

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Hi, I'm also recently seeing GP and outpatients for endo treatment. I have had a positive beginning to treatment. I tried naproxen too however found it was hard on my stomach and got me unwell with heartburn and I didn't replace it with anything. I had to endure some painful cycles before returning to the GP. I'd recommend looking into some of the different NSAIDs on the endometriosis website. They're for the inflammation pain and you could see if you can get them prescribed. I've recently been prescribed one and I can take it all the time and its making a real difference apart from those painful bits around, before and during period. I think the antispasmodics work well for me, too. Peace, jo_nano


You need a referral to a gynaecologist for a laparoscopy and a definite diagnosis.


If I'm honest the thought of surgery terrifies me :(


I know it's a horrible thing to have to face, but it may be inevitable :/ At the very least, it might help to have a chat with a gynae who will be more knowledgeable than a GP and able to offer you a wider range of treatments.


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