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Hi I'm Claire I'm 27 I have 2 children and have only just found out I have endometriosis after having key hole surgery although I have been suffering for years the doctor's wouldn't believe there was something wrong one doctor even blamed my weight although I'm not massive im not small either the only reason they found this is because I went ahead and had investigative surgery even when I got told they won't find anything I am now waiting on my results on the 22 December

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Hey, sorry to hear that no one would listen to you. But I'm glad you persisted so good for you 😊

I also had a lap in April and discovered I had Endo, I also have 2 children. Hold tight until your results come and try not to get anxious. Like you said, you knew there was someyhing; just waiting for more details. I hope all is well ☺️

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Thank you hope the best for you


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