First period after lap

I had my first period last week and the run up to it was so different from my usual. I usually would have severe PMS for a week before, this time I had PMS about 2 days before. The pain before and during is no way near as bad as it was before surgery. I have to say though my nausea was horrendous and I usually suffer bad with that anyway. But this time I was physically sick more. When it started it was so light and I'd thought brilliant, it lasted 2 days and then It stopped for a day. But after that day it came back with avengenguncious so heavy and lasted 4 days. I had to change more than usual and it will usually only last 3 days. I'm hoping this is just my body trying to readjust.

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  • Hi

    Yes that's normal I was really pleased that a few ladies told me before that often the first period is worse than ever but it does settle down i think it's because you are still healing inside.

    So because i knew i was expecting it but the one after was normal for me.

    I hope you start to feel better soon xx

  • Hi

    Thank you for replying

    Aww I'm really happy to hear that, I was worrying slightly that it would be the new normal.

    Yes I do keep having to remind myself I'm still healing inside.

    Thank you very much xx

  • Just having my first period post lap as well! Had awful pain, particularly on the first night. It was a different sort of pain to the menstrual pains I am familiar with.

    Good to hear that this is not necessarily the new normal...

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