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Hi everyone. I live in lincolnshire I was diagnosed with endometriosis about 10 yrs ago. Suffered with bad periods, fertility and miscarriages. 6 yrs ago my doctor tried the contraption implant to see if that would help. And it did for a while as it stopped my periods. But recently pains have returned. Been referred to Norwich hospital. Doctor there was able to burn away some of the endo. But I have some on my bowel.

I just started zoladex injections if the pain goes away my doctor is gonna removed my ovaries and tubes. The endo on my bowel will then lay dormant.

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Hello. I live in Lincolnshire too. I live in Spalding and was diagnosed in 2012 but have not had any reviews or treatment since. My symptoms have progressively gotten worse, to the point were I am struggling to cope with work and my home life. My family, friends and work colleagues don't understand how I am feeling and I have been labelled over sensitive with a attitude problem. Where in Lincolnshire do you live?


So sorry to hear that! But it has already happened, neither of you can change what happened, a lot of people all around the worlf have to deal with infertility and even couple of miscarriages, dont blame that on yourself ok? A lot of clinics nowdays give chance for having kids to women. They are all around the world: US,UK, Greece Ukraine etc. Dont give up on your dreams!!


Im sure there is a way to help you, dont give up. Life gives us very hard challenges and its up to us to overcome obstacles in our way. Just dont let it ruin your life ok? Make sure to keep us up to news. Good luck! xx


Are you treated by the BSGE. centre at Norwich hospital? If not make sure you get referred there for proper treatment. They may able to remove the endometriosis on your bowel rather than remove your ovaries.

Check out lindle posts here.

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Do both try to get a BSGE centre referral, so far I've found it's very different to the general gynae and more confidence inspiring x


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