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I suffered for years with heavy painful periods,bowel problems I had a hysterectomy in 2013 and I was told after my surgery that I had endermetriosis, I didn't have a clue what endermetriosis was I had my left ovary and Fallopian tube removed during surgery due to the damaged, I remember having my follow up appointment and the consultant saying I was discharged and go and live your life now your pain free. If only that was the case I had surgery last October 2014 for a routine procedure keyhole to check my bowel woke up to find I had the key hole and open surgery as I had a bowel resection things at last started to look brighter tests came back being all positive news.

Then the pain in my left side and pelvis slowly creeps back again,was referred to the gynaecologist had my MRI scan and am told I have deep endermetriosis nodules in my bowel and vagina and 2 cysts on my right ovary the consultant has put me on a 4 month course of hormone injections for the pain until they decide next month what is going to be my best option, I feel so tired and drained at times I'm only 44 fingers crossed for the next appointment. I'm looking forward to reading other story's on this site, thanks for reading my post 🙂

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Hello and welcome,

I'm glad you found us, it's a lovely site, everyone is in a similar situation and all are happy to help, whether it's emotional support of information, it's all here,

Are you being seen at a bsge specialist centre,?????

What injection are you on and hows it going on it, are you taking hrt along side it????



Hello I'm seeing the gynaecologist , bowel specalist and endermetriosis nurse at Colchester hospital they are a very efficient team so I feel I'm in good hands, the injection for my pain relief is Decapeptyl I'm on my 3rd on now I still have the odd pains creeping through but not as bad as before as they were constant, the downside to the injection is It puts you through the change the hot sweats have been a nightmare especially at work and during the night, I've had headaches and high blood pressure so a few side effects but for me this is a short term session as it won't shrink my endermetriosis as its to deep. No HRT the consultant has offered it if I need it.

I didn't realise that it sticks your organs together like glue and can effect so many parts of a woman's organs that's scary, my travel insurance even went up this year when my husband was filling out the forms and mentioned endermetriosis, xx


I was on zolodez and I ha hrt, as my consultant wanted to know how I would be without overies, I've had a hysterectomy and now he will take overies out, where do you live, im in Leigh Southend , I go to a constant in Kent,



I've coped ok with one ovary after my hysterectomy until now, I'm hoping when I go to see the consultant next month they will give me some positive news, I wish they had removed both ovaries in the first place but they refused due to the right one being healthy but now by leaving it I have two cysts not only do I worry about the endermetriosis , my mum passed away with ovarian cancer at 48 ❤️ that's another reason I want to have the ovary and fullopian tube removed


Sorry just seen this post, we seem to be going through the same! How are you now? Did you have a full hysterectomy? Im booked in for mine 2 weeks today x



I had a hysterectomy in 2013 they removed my left ovary due to endometriosis left my right one as in good condition, until now it has two cysts and the endometriosis is back ☹️ The remaining ovary is being removed I'm on the waiting list for surgery,I had a bowel resection in October 2015 and waiting to see what my appointment shows on Sunday, the consultant has informed me the endometriosis has spread further in my bowel.

I hope all goes well with your surgery in a couple of weeks

Paula x


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