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I see a gynie a couple of months ago and she said I could have endo. she put me for an internal. I had this done 12 days before my period. and a cyst showed on my left ovary. and she said there was fluid which could be endo. then went for a groin scan she said my lympnodes are really inflamed and every where else is really inflamed. went for another internal because they wanted to see if the cyst had gone on day 5 of my period. she said it showed the cyst before had gone, but I now have a new smaller one on left ovary. she said this is because of me ovulating for my next period. how can I be ovulating when I'm still on this period....?

She said there was fluid which could be an infection and it's inflamed.

I have had pain in vagina (pubic mound area) and groin for 1 year 7 months.

I was seeing a physiotherapist who said I have strained my distal insertion of rectus abdominus and sprain pubovesicle ligament. and she said I also have an upslip pelvis. I asked her so could I have endo and she says yes that this problems can all annoy each other...

The gynie wants me to go on the pill microgynon, but my physiotherapist says it's best to have a hormone blood test first to see what I lack in to Base a pill around this? I have been trying to get hold of the gynie to ask for a hormone blood test.. but the Secretary says she will get back to me...?

Just don't understand why I have cysts, the lady who done the internal says they are functional and it's normal.. but are they part of my pain. who knows...

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Hi functional cysts are quite normal and come and go with cycle. Most women get these without even knowing.


This is so strange tho because I have been suffering with pain in my groin vagina (pubic mound)


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