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Coil fitted - lots of pain


Hi all. I had the coil fitted 2 weeks ago and in the last couple of days I have been in excruciating pain. It's the same pain I get around my period (which is why I had it fitted in the first place...) like labour pains which are very intense then go to a dull ache in my lower abdomen, hips, back and legs.

Is this normal? I am due to go back to work on Monday and don't know how I am going to cope if it keeps flaring up.

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It can take a while for it to settle in, you might want to check the strings and that its in the right place. Take strong painkillers and heat pads to help.

Hi there, I had one fitted in the 25th October. In the first week I ended up going to my GP as it was agony! She checked me over and said my cervix was inflamed and had possibly been grazed during insertion. She prescribed me naproxen, And codrydamol.

This helped along with plenty of applied heat. I have continued to take my pill too and have been told by gynae to do so for three months as it would help stop spotting etc. Well that is rubbish as I have spotted most days and had a few days of more substantial bleeding. I have been experiencing excruciating pain in my right side. It is really hard to describe. I told my husband I imagine it is my Fallopian tube ndmit radiates up and into my back. The pain comes in really quickly

Out if no where and literally takes my breath away. It takes a few minutes to pass. Sometime this happens close together sometime it is just once in a day. I also have pain in my groin area and lower back. But this had been becoming an issue for me day to day.

I am going to stick with it and when I come off the pill if things get any worse I might consider my options.

I am undiagnosed but the gynae I was referred to suspects endo but was unwilling to do lap as he thinks I am not sever enough to warrant surgery. He really insisted on the coil as he thinks it will 'sort me out' . He said because I have no cysts showing up in my scan if I do have endo it can't be that bad. 😬 This guy is about 60+ and qualified before I was even born. He is pleasant but I am not convinced of his understanding of the condition!

Any how go to your docs get some pain relief. Try heat and I think as far as pain goes manage it if you can. I guess everyone is different but I don't feel as though the coil settles that quickly. Currently I am grinning and bearing it in the vain hope it eventually relieves my symptoms. But if I carry on having the pain I am going to ask for a lap!

I hope you feel better soon. Xxx

Thank you for the responses. I went to the doctor, she did several tests and checks and said everything looked fine and advised me to go to a&e if the pain got worse. I don't want to speak too soon, but so far today the pain has eased up. I am just concerned that if the coil takes so long to settle, that this pain will come and go and I will have to struggle through the next few months taking strong painkillers.

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