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Why don't doctors listen?

I've had endometriosis for 24 years and many operations for it. I've been back to my gyne who is sending me for more tests including an MRI scan and a colonoscopy because they are worried it is now in and around the bowel again. Yet when I went to see the gastroenterologist today be dissed the idea of them putting me for these tests stating "a lady your age with the amount of operations you have had has constipation so nothing will show in the test. If you take picolax your bowel will kick start and you'll be fine". Then he came out with I need to be eating soluble fibre not non soluble and to make sure I understood, as if I was daft he wrote it down as 'soluble tick non soluble cross!!' Although I'd just finished saying all fibre causes me a lot of pain, to the stage of rushing to the bathroom in so much agony its not worth eating anything so try my best to stay on a low fibre diet. Which for me consists of protein, lettice, tomatoes and cream and normal cheese, mouse, ice cream and jelly.

I came away from that consultation in tears, I'm so fed up of being ignored when it comes to speaking to doctors about my insides. I feel they think I'm making it up to get attention or something. Yet all I want is a normal pain free life where I don't spend most my days curled up in pain either on the sofa or in bed with a hot water bottle.


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Hi Jane,

I know your frustration. I had an appointment with my gynae yesterday and he told me he doesn't think the pain is gynaecological even though he did a lap last year saying a similar thing and he found some deep deposits of endo. The symptoms and pain are the same as before first lsp and now he is thinking it's not endo. I stood up for myself and he suddenly agreed that another lap was the best course of action to find out whether the endo had come back. I was so frustrated coming out of the appointment as I felt that he doesn't support a theory that endo is back but is willing to do a lap to find out. Very strange process to go through. When I asked what else could cause symptoms with pelvic pain, bladder pain and bowel pain he said I don't know, I'm a gynecologist! Great, so does he send off patients back to their GP and never find out where there was another cause. Ridiculous.

You are not alone and if you know in your heart it's endo causing your pain then fight to be heard.

All the best



That's not good lass,

Are you under a general gynae since they don't get endo? I had one like that and I fought for a second opinion in fact I went on the bsge website to find my nearest endo center then went back to my go with the name of a specialist and said I wanted to be referred to them, which is in your rights even under the nhs.

I hope you manage to get some help and are not robbed off again, as you say we know our own bodies.

Jane xx


He is supposed to be an endo specialist. I will complain after my lap if there is endo there again as he could be sending people with endo away because they don't speak up enough.

We shall see.

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That's true. Good for you for standing up for others that sometimes find it hard to stand up for themselves because they believe they must be in the wrong since we live in the doctor knows best era.

I don't know what's a better out come for you, that its there and he's a rubbish gynae or its not there so what's causing your pain. I will be thinking of you when you get your lap



I know what you mean, it's not a good situation to be in anyway you look at it.

I'll keep you posted on how the lap goes.

Good luck with your tests. Hope you get the answers you need.

Nicki x


That'll be good, hope it's soon.

I'll let you know how I get on with the tests :-)

Jane xx


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