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Why don't doctors listen?

I've had endometriosis for 24 years and many operations for it. I've been back to my gyne who is sending me for more tests including an MRI scan and a colonoscopy because they are worried it is now in and around the bowel again. Yet when I went to see the gastroenterologist today be dissed the idea of them putting me for these tests stating "a lady your age with the amount of operations you have had has constipation so nothing will show in the test. If you take picolax your bowel will kick start and you'll be fine". Then he came out with I need to be eating soluble fibre not non soluble and to make sure I understood, as if I was daft he wrote it down as 'soluble tick non soluble cross!!' Although I'd just finished saying all fibre causes me a lot of pain, to the stage of rushing to the bathroom in so much agony its not worth eating anything so try my best to stay on a low fibre diet. Which for me consists of protein, lettice, tomatoes and cream and normal cheese, mouse, ice cream and jelly.

I came away from that consultation in tears, I'm so fed up of being ignored when it comes to speaking to doctors about my insides. I feel they think I'm making it up to get attention or something. Yet all I want is a normal pain free life where I don't spend most my days curled up in pain either on the sofa or in bed with a hot water bottle.


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I'm so sorry to here that ur having a difficult time yeah doctors always think they know better have u had a lap to confirm that u have endo if I were u I would ask for a secound opinion as not fair that u are being treated like this


They tried to go back in last year but because I've had 13 surgeries including 2 ovarectomies, hysterectomy, bowel and colon resection and the tube connecting my kidneys taken out and cleaned up due to endo. The gynae said my insides look like someone has poored super glue in and shook me up. So couldn't get the camera in far enough to check my bowel, colon or pod to check what's going on. They do however believe that some of my right ovary was left in due to it being completely crushed since after 14 years I've started having slight periods again.


sounds awful for you to have to go through that iv had endometriosis for 8 years in that time had two laprostopy but secound time they went in my I had adhesions in pouch of Douglas endometriosis in my womb xx


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