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Progesterone alternative for pain suppressant


Hi ladies

It has become clear in recent years that I have a sensitivity to progesterone, after 6 months (ish) on a Progesterone based pill my endo symptoms are heavily lifted but the emotional side affects sky rocket. After 12months I'm heading downhill towards dark and miserable days.

My latest pill (for the past 15months) has been Cerezette and I can honestly say works wonders for the pain - I can cope and manage with the minor disruptions so have no complaints there. Emotionally however it's a different story, I become anxious, paranoid and begin to self loathe. After recognising these symptoms I took the decision last week to stop taking it and five days later I'm already feeling more human. The flip side to that being that I've swollen big time, bleeding and in a lot of pain. I'm seeing my consultant tomorrow to book my 4th Lap (we both agree I need it) but I'd like to know my options of pill choices to start asap. Without being on a pill I bleed, the longest was for 13weeks before they decided to help me stop them!

Can you ladies suggest any pills I can try which will have minimal impact on my emotions and moods? I've tried Cerezette, Marvelon 20, Marvelon 30, Northisterone, the coil, prostap, implant, and a range of other pills dating back the past 15years which I can't remember!

I'd like to step away from having a downward fall emotionally every 12months, its draining but other than going to a Oestrogen based pill (which is asking for trouble) I fear it's my only option.

Any ideas?

thank you!


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There's a pill/shot that stops you from producing O-estrogen which feeds endo my doctor told me she would put me on it after my lap if endo was confirmed. I'm not sure what it's called though.

hi I don't have a clear answer for you but just to say I think I'm the same with synthetic progesterone, the mirena coil (even though they say is only local to the womb) gave me the same side effects as cerrazette. Mood swings, anxiety and black dark moods that nearly caused divorce!

Currently i'm doing very well on prostap injections with the add back tibolone. Couldn't manage the side effects after 3 months so am having the hrt now with good relief. I feel better for having all hormones taken away rather than added in, no pmt type moods or food bingeing. More importantly, no pain. My gynaecologist is reluctant to do anymore excision surgery as it was so complex last time so not sure what long term plan is at moment, maybe hysterectomy. Hope you find an answer xx

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