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I am currently on my second dose of zoladex. And even though there's about 4 weeks lefts of the 3month dose, I have started feeling pain again.

I haven't yet been diagnosed with endo, but gynae are almost 100% sure that it is the problem to all my pain.

I've been battling lower right handed pain travelling through to my back since the age of 12/13 I am now 17 and over the years I've seen so many different doctors who have just shook there head and told me it was 'lady problems' Fair enough, my periods killed me anytime I took one They'd last over a week and leave me in bed for days with a fever

After being admitted to hospital so many times due to the unbearable pain, I was referred to gynae Once I had my first appointment the doctor suggested endometriosis, but wasn't sure I was ready for surgery at just 15 I was put on the pill to control my heavy periods, it worked fr a while but after a few months I was depending on painkillers more than ever

April 2016 - I was just weeks away from starting my GCSEs when I was admitted to hospital after a trip to the out of hours It was suspected that it was 'just a kidney infection' but I was in agony I couldn't walk and I was so weak

I had blood tests done, ultrasounds, a CT scan, X-rays etc All to find... NOTHING hooked up to an IV drip I looked at the doctor I was under and felt he just thought I was putting it on But describing the pain wasn't enough, even seeing we cry in agony wasn't good enough I was discharged 7 days later with nothing found, just a different pain killer and told to 'rest'

My exams came quick and I wasn't able to do many of them due to constanf flare ups of the pain

I was sent back to gynae where she decided to try the Zoladex implant jnjection I was warned of the side affects but I was willing to try anything

After my first month I felt great, no side affects at all apart from a few hot sweats but no pain killers were needed for 4 weeks

But once it wore off I felt my body fall back I knew myself if I didn't go back to the GP I would end up in hospital with the pain again Refusing to prescribe me any more painkillers because 'I didn't need them' all they could do was write a letter to gynae

Back with gynae yet again and since I got good results from zoladex they prescribed the three month dose. But I am now finishing up on it and I am back to square one and i can't see gynae unto January at the earliest due to the waiting list

But I am still at school and feel like this pain will effect me again

They are avoiding surgery because of my age but I feel myself that it's the next step forward in getting a diagnosis as I hate them just assuming I have endo.

I was just wondering if anyone has had the same type of journey or is it just me?

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