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PCOS/suspected endo and infertility


Hi, I'm new here. I've been looking for a support network, and came upon this. I currently use my instagram for support.

I am 27, married and have been trying for a baby for over two years. I had really bad periods in my early teens and the Doctors and Nurses stuck me on the pill, which although I still had heavy and painful AF's, they weren't as bad. I was on the pill for around 10 years!

When I came off it around our honeymoon, I became really unwell and experienced nausea, chronic pain throughout each month, and horrendous AF's. My husband also became ill, and was quickly (8 months later) diagnosed with IBS, unlike my crappy Doctors who still believe it's all in my head.

Because of our TTC, the pain and my awful Doctor's we chose to go privately in April this year. I was diagnosed with PCOS and put on Metformin. Which helped a lot with the chronic pain I would experience 3 weeks out of 4 a month. However the side effects were equally as horrible. A month later we had our first fertility treatment of Clomid at a great cost a month. Three months of this and every month a heart shattering fail.

In case you didn't know, England is a postcode lottery, and in my city it is a two year waiting list for an infertility referral. I had previously asked for a gyno route for my pain, but my Doctor completely belittled me and told me to stop wasting her time.

Finally we are now on the NHS fertility journey, and my Doctor thinks I have endo and PCOS. He told me to come off Metformin, as he doesn't think it was helping and go on a drug called Inofolic to help with my acne, fertility and hair loss. I have yet to order this.

This month I have been in chronic pain again, and now have AF, and the most horrendous pain again, in my tummy, back, legs, leaving unable to walk or move. I am choosing to go back on Metformin.

Currently waiting for a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, four month waiting list apparently.

So with the physical and emotional stress of TTC, my crappy Doctors, and pain; I am really struggling. I go through periods of mental exhaustion. And I was doing okay, and now it has all hit me again.

Work have been okay, but keep getting told to watch my sick days, like I have a choice? I work in housing, with the elderly and am always on my feet. So it's not like I can work from home, or have a chance to sit in an office.

Sorry of the rant, who knew married life would start off like this?!

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I had most of that 35 yrs ago.

Invitro seems the way to go for babies.

Cliomod put me in horrific pain

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