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First lap, 4 points, sad about the scars but oh well!

Hi ladies!

Just had my first lap 4 days ago. It was quite bizarre because we thought we were just going to have a look inside to verify my Adenomyosis, and if there really was any adhesion on my left ovary to my uterus that was picked up by the ultrasound. Was panicking about that because the doctor said I might have to say goodbye to my left ovary if the adhesion has caused it to die out.

The lap went good but I woke up in tears for not having enough painkillers/anesthesia. Turns out they found that:

1. My left ovary was stuck to my uterus

2. My right fallopian tube was stuck to my intestines

3. My intestines were stuck to the pouch of Douglas so my doctor had to call in another surgeon for that

My whole body still feels sore, as if I had been in a fighting match. My stitches are ok except 1 that feels like I'm pulling it but the doctor said it was nothing to worry about.

My doctor also injected me with monthly injection, Diphereline for my turns-out, "early stage" Adenomyosis; which would be a 3-month therapy injection. Worried about the side effects like osteoporosis or whatnot!

Anyone on any GnRH analogue injections feeling anything? I had already been told to be on this injection since August but I kept delaying and wanting to find a less invasive treatment but I give up now. I just want to get better and have no problems for making babies.


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