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Hi everyone, I'm 26 and 3 years ago I began having bad stomach pains; sharp stabbing pains and a constant aching in my pelvic area and also pains in my belly button, after ending up in a&e and going to the doctors countless times I was told I had an infection from my belly piercing and also that I had a hernia and was always sent away with antibiotics and painkillers however these didn't help the pain. I finally found a great doctor who asked if it was worse during my menstrual cycle and said it could be endometriosis....I then had what looked like a blood blister come up in my belly button so went for a biopsy of it, this came back with a diagnosis of umbilical endometriosis. I was referred to a gynaecologist who explained my options but at the time I wasn't trying for a family and I was able to control the pain with the contraceptive pill. Now my fiancé and I are trying for a family and I have been off the contracteptive pill for the past year, my pain is worse than ever, it's constant and at times stops me doing anything. I feel so low at the moment, I'm so so scared about the possibility of being infertile. I have been referred back to the gynaecologist who will hopefully do a laparoscopy and then possible laser surgery removal. Has anyone else found out about this at my age? Or does anyone have any advice or words that may help me feel a bit better about it all, just to know I'm not in this on my own and that there is hope of a family would be nice. Sorry for long post xx

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You are not alone! People on this site are wonderful. I have had endo for 30+ years. It took me 13 years to conceive my miracle girls .... after 6 years of IVF, laparoscopies to clear tubes and remove the endo and other foul drugs to try and help I literally "gave up" and turned to natural therapies to help control pain and moods. The naturopath also said they'd help my body go back to "normal" and allow me to conceive. After seven years on herbs I fell pregnant naturally!!

Hang in there. I can point you in the direction of a web site with more info on the herbs if you want. Take care. Hope you find what is right for you. I've just had a full hysterectomy and both ovaries removed eight weeks ago so I'm pray thats the end of my endo journey... and now the surgically induced menopause journey starts!!

Hugs to you x

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Thank you yes that would be good if you could send me more details about the herbs please. Doctors don't seem to know anything about umbilical endo which doesn't help! I hope you feel better now after all you've had done xx


Hi. Have a look at this site. It's daughter of the lady I who did her magic on me running it now. Ask lots of questions and don't be satisfied with your first answer if things don't feel right.


I'm slowly feeling human again. The best bit is I have a bladder that works!!!! Yay

Good luck. Hope you find what's right for you. Lots of prayer and searching led me down the path we took.


Iv had endometriosis for 8 years and had two laprostopy in this time I went on to conceive naturaly with my little boy 3 years ago and was dignosed with endo in womb and aheadions in pouch of Douglas my tubes and ovarys were fine I'm looking into trying natural remedies to but have no idea what to take as not been able to fall pregnant since I had my son but infertility clinic told me that Ivf was only option but so expensive as not entitled to it on nhs but always say my little boy was my miracle baby and grateful to have him against all the odds hope that things happen soon for u best of luck to u xx


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