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Lifestyle tips? Successful stories?

Dear all,

This is my very first time here. Admittedly, it took me a while to land on the forum out of fear that I would be faced with the usual doom-mongering and negative messages that flood health websites - but I am relieved to see that most posts seem constructive.

I am writing with the hope that we can all start a positive discussion on what has contributed to alleviating our symptoms of the disease, if not hear from examples of long-term recoveries. Would you be kind enough to share what has worked for you, and if you find necessary, what definitely hasn't?

On my side, I was diagnosed with endometriosis a little less than a year ago, after suffering all of the usual limbo associated with the disease. Rather surprisingly, I have never suffered from acute period pain; I have however had years of urinary problems, including difficulty passing urine, due a hyper-contracted pelvic floor, very likely stressed by the endometrioma in my ovaries. As time has gone by, I now suffer from chronic pelvic pain, bloating, and constipation, among other glamorous symptoms.

These are the tips that I find have most helped me so far:

1) Women's physiotherapy. I have found that women's physiotherapy has been immensely helpful in addressing my urinary, sexual - and possibly bowel - symptoms. For months now, I have been going every three weeks to see a physiotherapist in West London to help release my pelvic floor. Although still present, my symptoms have considerably diminished, and I can also bet that my sexual life has been enhanced as a result of more supple pelvic floor.

Here are the details of my excellent physiotherapist, if of any use:


2) Exercise. Whereas I was mostly sat at a desk writing prior to my diagnosis, albeit with the occasional hike, I have now taken a subscription at a gym and I find swimming three hours a week also alleviates my symptoms and brightens my mood.

3) Massage. Has eased my pelvic and lower back pain.

OTHER - My physiotherapist, Christien Bird, has told me that there is an excellent GP surgery specialised in women's health based in Stoke-on-Trent. She is to forward me their details soon and I will make sure I report here on my experience with them.

How about you? I would be more than grateful to hear your constructive thoughts.

Very best regards,


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I used to get a feeling like I had to pee a lot and a strange feeling of arousal that was uncomfortable but Pelvic Floor physiotherapy made it go away.

I've also been eating more fish and I feel pretty good.

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Hello Hannah, I used to feel exactly the same, and still do to some extent, but to a much lesser degree! Is fish a food that's particularly recommended for endometriosis?


I've heard it contains omega 3's which are good for endo

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Thanks for a positive post. That the swimming has helped is interesting, I may give that a go.

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