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what should i do?


on thursday i became very ill my face swelled and I couldnt do much. Friday went to the docs to see aa nurse and got told its a virus! i tryed to tell them i had severe lower abdo pain but her answer was we can only deal wiith one issue book a routine appointment with a doctor to discuss the pain (bare in mind this can be 4 weeks) im in pain now!!

anyways i lasted but yesterday it became horrendous i cant sleep with it i cant walk because it causes more pain and i feel unwell, I went to the walk in centre to see yet another nurse who did all her checks and went to speak to someone else who i could hear say well she isnt screaming so send her home on pills!

the nurse said if it gets worse to go A&E.

I have a appointment with a gynaecologist today for something unrelated, should i mention this pain to him? or should i go to A&E i dont want to just be sent home with pills though i want action taking. I cant carry on like this I am so ill and in agony I cant get fobbed off by a doctor again

advice please

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Dear Kayjayne,

I think it might be in your interest to mention your lower abdominal pain to your gynaecologist when you attend today.

I'm sending you some useful links that may be of help, a couple for your appointments and one on pain relief options:




I wish you well.

Take care,



so just got looked at for what i was there for and told to see my gp about the pain :/ but by the time gp sorts any tests out if any ill probably be pain free :@


Hello Kayjayne,

I would suggest pursuing the pain management route with your GP anyway as knowing endometriosis, it is unpredictable. Try to remain positive; easier said than done I know, but you cannot give up.

Did you manage to take a look at a look at the link I sent you on pain relief options? In there are some options you could discuss with your GP (i.e. physiotherapy (your GP could refer you for this), TENS machines etc. and of course heat therapy (hot water bottles and hot baths) you can manage yourself at home to help take the edge off.

Speak to your GP to determine what kind of pain relief is best for you and in the mean time, here are some other ideas on pain management that may help:


Page 8 onwards is the area on pain management and again, something you can discuss with your GP. There are alternative therapies that some girls and women have commented have helped them, but everyone is different; a question of trial and error sometimes.

The other thing I am thinking of is to have a look at the following link on endometriosis specialist centres that are countrywide (these include a pain management specialist (again, your GP should be able to refer you:


Finally, maybe the britishpainsociety.org/ can help.

Good luck.

Take care,



this new pain is nothing like my endometriosis pain and i dont wanna live on pain relief i want answers

something is not right i know my body and this is something new and painful and noone wants to help, every pain now is endometriosis its never anything else and its always we will see how you get on, i wont be in pain in weeks im in pain now


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