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2nd Laparoscopy/Adenomyosis Questions

Hope you're all doing okay! I'm having a really tough time at the minute with SO many health problems ... I feel 21 going on 81 it's ridiculous. I've been really really down about it all & signed of work for a few weeks so won't bore you with the details on this post but I just have a few questions!

A brief endo update, I've been booked in for my second laparoscopy but this time to remove the endo (first one was in 2014 and just diagnostic), after looking through every scan/MRI/my lap notes and pictures since 2013 - the Consultant suddenly started calling my Endo 'mild' rather than minimal and he has 'strongly advised' not to have the coil removed due to me having Adenomyosis.

Soooo ...

• How far in advance did you have your pre-op before the lap?

My last one with same doc & hospital was only 4 weeks ahead of the laparoscopy. My cousin has had 2 with the same doc and hospital and hers were 3 & 6 weeks in advance. During my appointment he said the laparoscopy would be in the New Year, a 3 or 4 month wait, but I've had my pre-op appointment through for the 11th of November?! I'd rather not have it before Christmas and I have holidays booked for both November and December which I'm looking forward to and have paid for but also know that with waiting times I can't really turn it down!

• Do they usually re-cut the same incisions or create all new ones?

I only have 2 incisions from the diagnostic laparoscopy so I know if he is to remove the endo this time I will have at least one extra incision probably.

• How long did you all take to recover? How long do you think I'll need off after excision?

I had two weeks off work last time (an administration job but in a large office where I am the point of contact so backwards and forwards to a reception desk, toilets are down 4 flights of stairs and the only way to work is a 25 min train journey then 25 min uphill walk ...) and when I returned I was totally exhausted every second of the day for another 2 weeks, getting to the end of the day was also so so painful.

I'm confused about the Adenomyosis thing - he said the Adenomyosis will be the cause of my extreme 'period pains' and contracting of my uterus but the Endometriosis (all around my right side) is what causes the daily pain - that made sense. But he said endo and adeno are two seperate diseases that work in slightly different ways - when I've read online or people in other forums have discussed it, they just say adenomyosis is as part of endometriosis - what do you think? I know this doesn't really matter, I'm just curious as it all interests me as depressing as it is.

Also, do any of you use an app to track bleeding & symptoms? It's kinda hard to predict anything due to my erratic mirena bleeding but is still good to keep track of what's happening.

Thanks in advance for any replies xxx

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I can't answer all your questions but I can a few

They will go in at new sites apart from your belly button which I haven't noticed 2 scars just a slightly bigger scar then on my first lap. I can't see my scars from my first lap that much now so don't worry it will fade.

On my second lap I touch 2 weeks off but should have took 4, like you I returned to my desk job feeling tired, uncomfortable and wishing I was at home but I was trying not to get a warning for my sickness and I thankfully didn't. Saying that I only had 1 week with my first lap, but the des always told me to tell work 4 weeks so that they know what to expect.

I've used a couple of different free apps for tracking periods and symptoms and they all worked fine but I'm currently using period diary which does what I need as I don't tend to use it for anything other then showing how erratic my cycle is.

Sorry I can't remember when I had my pre op but I know it was in either nov/dec then I had my op 19 jan. I remember being quick shocked as my previous hospital did it about 3 weeks before. I'm sure I had it done over the phone as well then had the mrsa tests at my doctors

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That's all a massive help thanks for taking the time to reply. Xx


No problem xx


My preop assessment is within two weeks of the surgery but I think this depends on hospital policy.

I took 4 weeks off for my second operation. I feel this is about the right amount of time. I did half days for the first week back then full time after that.

I had four incisions the second time but they are all healing pretty well.

Overall I would say the quality of my health has improved since my operation. Hopefully it will all work out for you too.

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