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Hey all I just wanted to get some advice/feedback,

I had my diagnostic lap on the 15th of Jan after an appointment at a different hospital then I was under(I was getting nowhere with the originally hospital)

It didn’t show any endometriosis which was good but also a bit frustrating as it didn’t help explain why I’m having the problems I am 😞

At my app with the gyne he did mention adenomyosis and said he wanted to get me rescanned so I think he want to look into this.

My question is has anyone had adenomyosis and not endo and also what symptoms had you been having before diagnosis? How was your adenomyosis diagnosed?

Thanks for the help just trying to get some more info I don’t know much about it x

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I started with having left lower back pain and went for a CT scan thinking that I had a kidney infection. On the CT scan results it showed a fibroid. Then I had an ultrasound and it showed no fibroids and showed adenomyosis.

My symptoms are being bloated most of the time, pelvic pain occasionally, pain in legs, lower back ache, fatigue, cramping 7-10 day periods, (Three of the days fairly heavy bleeding). Bladder incontinence due to enlarged uterus.


Thank you for the reply my symptoms are similar to yours, my periods don’t last as long but can be heavy.

I’m having an ultrasound next week so will see what shows up xx


You're welcome. Good luck. I am scheduled for a hysterectomy in March. Other treatments didn't work for me.


Awh I hope it all goes well x




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