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Hi ladies

Not too sure if anyone can help or advice. I had a scan on Thursday as I am currently going through ivf and my right ovary has a cyst which the doc said is leaking blood (I am sure he said this) it's 6cm and has doubled in size since the week before where it was 3cm. Basically I'm taking bursellin injections and my doctor has said to continue taking these as required for down regulation for ivf. It make be that cyst does down itself or I have to have to aspirate. Has anyone had this done? Iv already had two laps in the space of 3 years and dont want anothrr one!also don't want my ivf cycle being cancelled. Have another scan on Friday to see if it's gone down. Had various cancer blood tests done but they have come back clear x

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Hi dear so sorry to hear wat you are going through this happened to me and ivf was cancelled if you carry on with it the injections might make the cyst bigger Ask your doctor to give you a drug called primlut it's very good for the cyst they will shrink the cyst but you might have to wait for your next period to continue your ivf. Good luck


Thank you so much for your reply. I shall see what they say on Friday. Hopefully it can go down or they can aspirate it as I don't want my cycle being cancelled! Waited ages for this xx


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