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Potential new job!

Hey guys.

I'm starting a new job on Thursday the 4th but I haven't signed my contract yet. That will be on the day. However I have just received my operation date for the 14th.

When I had my interview, I completely forgot to mention I was waiting a date!

I'm confused as to what to do, if I phone them up and let them know before Thursday than they might take my offer away. I only need two days off.

I don't want to be unfair on them, as I understand they're just trying to run a business. But then I also really really need this job.

I'm wondering if I can say when they ask me about holidays? Because they haven't asked for any prebooked holiday dates yet and I think they have to honour them.

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Tell them on Thursday the 4th when you are doing the contract and paperwork. It should not be an issue.

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I think tiffanyvd87 is right - tell them when you go to sign the contract, apologise profusely and see what they say. To be honest, if it were me and they got really worked up about it, it would make me question whether I wanted to work for them - how would they react if you have future health problems from endo? I'm sure they'll be more than understanding! :)


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