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I've just lost my job

Hi ladies, I'm gutted today, I've just been given notice from my little job as a mid day assistant in my sons school, that I love, I might add, I've only been there since sept, and have had 39 days off due to being in hospital twice with pelvic pain, and a kidney stone, I'm waiting on a laparoscopy and would of needed more time off for this, I feel very sad that this (what ever this is) has now caused yet another problem in my life, I'm feeling very down and just can't wait to at least get my op over with. Xxx

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Aww so sorry to hear that! Were you warned or given any warning prior? Employers have to do that xxx


I was on my 6 month probation and I've been given 1 month notice, so they are well within there rights, unfortunately xxx


Awww no! What was there reasoning? (Apart from being absent how did they justify it) xx


They didn't just absences, I've had 29 days off since I started in September, x


Sorry to hear this. I hate it when employers can't be more sympathetic. I was volunteering at a school as a Teaching Assistant for one day a week and always informed them if I couldn't come in that day and then would come in on another to make up for it. Until one day the headteacher called me into her office and basically said it would be better if I didn't come in anymore but if I still wanted to work at the school I could come in and help tidy/sort cupboards as they always need doing! But I could do my normal role that day as I was in.

You try and have as normal a life and try work with this horrible disease yet people always seem to ruin those chances that you feel even volunteering isn't an option! grrrr!

It's a shame they haven't discussed with you what is causing you to be off and if they can help accomodate for this..at least until after your LAP.

Big hugs to you x x

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You try to have a normal life and also try to pick yourself up in the morning to go to work even though you may be in horrible pain yet there is so many people who show such lack of empathy when you can't handle the symptoms. Its important for you to know that your health is the most important thing although this comment is probably empty handed but I think it is a shame that they didn't discuss with you the reason why you were being absent as often, and if they understood instead of dismissing it as period pain, they could have set up something to accommodate for you for the length of time that you would be working there.

I hope that your op goes well (when you have it) and that you find out what is going on.



Thank you everyone, xx


Hello honey,

I'm so sorry to hear you've been through all of this :( the pain & stress of it on its own is bad enough without losing your job on top of it. Some people can be so cold when it comes to understanding what others are going through- especially employers. Unfortunately as you said, because they gave you 1 months notice & you'd only been there since September, you were still within your 6 month probation they obviously knew that they could get away with it too.

When I was 17 I had a job in a shop & there were many times (at least 2 days a week) when I had a call from my boss, asking me if I could go in & cover someones shift (which I always managed to do despite being in college 3 & a half days a week & having lots of other things to deal with!!!) About 4 months after I started I was hospitalised with meningitis (thankfully they caught it early but I was still very poorly) my mum phoned my boss telling him the situation & that I wouldnt be able to work until I was better.

The day I was released from hospital he phoned me asking if I could go in the next day to cover an 8 hour shift??!!! When I told him no, that I was still quite ill & it would probably be quite some time yet, he began telling me that it was best if he let me go as he needed someone who he could rely on & basically accused me of "leaving him in the lurch". Because I had no official contract & was still on probation there was nothing I could do. It really annoyed me because I'd just had a huge scare & he does that to me, despite all of the times I'd covered other peoples shifts.

Don't let this beat you hun, your health is the most important thing in this situation. Hopefully you will have some answers when you get the laparoscopy over with (that waiting period before the lap is a pretty tense time as I know you just want answers & Its the pain & not knowing that makes it worse). Use that time to just have a bit of "you time" & take some time for yourself.

As for the income side- have you looked into things such as DLA or PIP & income support? You sound as if you may be elegible for something & it might be worth looking on here: entitledto.co.uk/benefits-c...

I hope everything works out for you- & that all goes well with the laparoscopy.

Jes xx


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