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Abdominal pain

Hi all i am wondering if you have any ideas whats going on with me i was recently diagnosed with a very small cyst it was nothing too concerned, 4cm. however now i have severe pains in my chest just below my ribs and down my right side went to my gp today and he just gave me antibiotics and buscopan and said possibly ulser. however i have had a buscopan for the night and the pain is still really bad previously i was taking tramadol but hes said not to take that anymore ans just be on buscopan but it just isnt enough its soo painful even with hotwater bottles. any ideas what i can take aswell please?

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If it's an ulcer taking anyNSAID's can make it worse.

Did your doctor say if you could take antiacids? They might relieve liver pain since there isn't as much acid in the stomach bothering it.


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