Endometriosis and Thyroid problems?

Hello Ladies, Does anyone else have Thyroid issues coupled with their endo?

I developed a lump on my neck a couple of months ago and after scans biopsies etc it's come back as abnormal cells. So im now on the urgent list for a Thyroidectomy as there is a high chance it's cancer. I'm absolutely gutted as its not even a year since my extensive lap.

The symptoms of Thyroid issues seems to cross over alot with Endo, particularly the fatigue. So I wondered if any of you had both issues ??

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  • I'm very sorry to hear about your thyroid and hope the operation goes well. I am both hypothyroid and have endometriosis. I believe that there is a link between thyroid issues and endometriosis. I have found articles online about this when I googled it.

  • Thank you. Have you had Thyroidectomy ?

  • No I haven't. It might be an idea to write a post or look for posts about this on the Thyroid UK community on here as I am sure there will people on there with experience of a Thyroidectomy. I went on there and posted about the endo and hypothyroid link and a couple of people replied saying they had both so you might find people in a similar situation.

  • Thank you x

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