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ENT problems and endo

I have a history of over 30 years of getting flu like symptoms and ENT problems every time I had a period and at ovulation. I never had these problems whilst on the pill or on Zoladex.

Last year I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis and had a hysterectomy and large amounts of endo tissue removed from various parts of my abdomen. However, I am still on HRT and still getting ENT problems.

I had increased sinus pain over the last few days. When I got up Sunday morning and blew my nose, there was a little bit of blood. There was a lot more Monday morning and more again today.

Could this be evidence of endometrial tissue that has got into my sinuses and can it be tested in any way?

(I've tried to get in touch with my GP, to no avail.)

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I had an MRI of my head b/c I kept getting migraines and they found a growth in my nose which I'll be getting checked out soon. The first day of my past few periods had nosebleeds.

It could also be if you have allergies, people with endo are prone to allergies and hay fever.

For your nose use saline nose spray or a Neti-pot. For your throat take a tbs of honey from a local farm everyday. And for your ears there are ear wax drops that you put in with cotton balls and the wax 'melts'.


Thanks. The ear problem is inner ear so drops aren't going to help. I've been dong the other stuff for years.

I do have allergies, but that isn't what is doing this.

If I ever get to see my GP, I'll ask about an MRI. Was it an endometrial growth they found or something else?


I dokt know yet I'm still waiting to do some tests before they plan on removing it.

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