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Lap tomorrow and now concerned

Hi I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2006 and treated in 2009 but was not given my staging but i know they removed nodules and endo from the POD and uterosacral ligaments.

Last few years my symptoms have returned and mainly have affected my bladder this time. My previous diagnosis and surgery was in England whilst i was a student so now i'm back home in Scotland i had to go through the referral again which has taken months. As i already had my history of endometriosis following a basic gynecology appointment at my local hospital they decided not to do the laparoscopy with general gynecology and instead to refer me to the endometriosis clinic in Edinburgh. I met with one of the consultants at this clinic and consented for a laparoscopy and cystoscopy and was told that he would do this.

I have just had a phone call form the research nurse as im going in tomorrow for my operation and i have been told it wont be done by the consultant that i spoke to and it will be done b another doctor (who i know professionally and personally due to my job) and that he has endometriosis training however he doesn't work in this endometriosis clinic.

I expressed my concerns that i didn't want a general gynecologist performing the operation and i was under the impression that it was a trained BGSE consultant that would perform this.

I'm so confused, I don't want to not go for this as I've been off work recently and want to get this operation done as I've waited so long for this date but i'm also worried that they may not do a through look as i would like if that makes sense?

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If you know the person then you know his experience and know your reasons for not wanting him so go with your gut. It's a case of either declining saying you'll wait for the lead or going ahead and trusting the individual is being trained up and is sufficiently far along that training to do a good job.


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