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After care


I had lap and removal of endometriosis on friday, was alson diagnosed with Adenomyosis but surgeon said he wants to try and treat that medically. He was supposed to remove my coil and put a new one in, i didnt get to see him after the op but i asked the nurse if a new coil was put in and she said it doesnt say anything in my notes about a coil so she phoned the surgeon and he said he didnt want to talk about it he will talk to me at my follow up in 6 weeks.

Before having the coil my periods were awful ruined my life i would bleed so heavy for 10 days stop for a few and then back on again it was so heavy i couldn'tgo out. I dont want to go back to that i dont know why he didnt put a coil back in as ita the main treatment for Adenomyosis and it helped before. If im honest i dont know why he didnt just do a hysterectomy. I was told that he wants to try hormone treatment first if that dont work then id be going back in for hysterectomy i think he should have just done it friday got it all out the way. I cant have anymore children anyway.

I also wasnt given any aftercare instructions and no dressings, i was told i could go home the second i opened my eyes so 3 hours aftwr waking up i was back home. Not sure i was happy about that i was glad to be home of course but maybe a bit soon.

Sorry for going on feeling all sorts of emotions right now xxx

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Sorry they are not very good with your after care. I have posted a link on a website on post operative care. You could have a look and hope it helps.

Did the surgeon discuss hysterectomy preop? If not maybe he didn't think there is adequate consent for this? It is a big decision. It is better considering all facts before go ahead.

I think it is rather poor that he didn't come around to see you and discharged you so soon. Hope you recover smoothly.


Thank you, he said he would do what ever needed doing as i did not have a laparoscopy before friday i had everything done in one go. Hysterectomy was discussed and i agreed to one if needed, this was before we knew i also had Adenomyosis too.

Thank you for the link xx


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