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Hi ladies.... I hope you are well

I went to see my local consultant today. I've known him for 14 years and he is wonderful! He listens and puts his patients views first! He is so different to the team that I have also been seeing at a provisional Endo centre.

He reviewed my MRI and scan reports. He has said because I have advanced endometriosis and adenomyosis....a hysterectomy would be his recommendation. However, he said that because there is some bowel involvement, he needs to carry out a Laparoscopy first. He explained that this is because he may have to refer me to one of his colleagues (at the same hospital) who specialises in bowel and bladder Endo and that this specialist works along side a bowel surgeon. He said if the bowel isn't too badly involved, he will map out the Endo and then do a hysterectomy at a later date. My lovely consultant said he wants the best possible outcome for me!


So lovely ladies.... I am booked in to have a laparoscopy! And he agrees with me that I shouldn't have the 2nd GNRH injection....

I'm really pleased!

Thank you for support.

Barbara x

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Great news, glad you've found the right solution for you and your gynae has been so helpful, here's hoping you won't have to wait long for the lap x


YAY !! so pleased for you.

Amazing a doc actually agreeing to stop GnRH - I nearly fell off my chair !! LOL

have they said roughly when the lap could be expected?


I am so lucky to have him as my consultant. My appointment took 55 minutes and when he tried to give me an internal, he saw how painful it was, and stopped straight away!

I think what he has suggested makes sense, do you?

He said he thinks it will be in a matter of weeks. I have also said I would be willing to have a cancelation date.

Hope you've recovered from almost falling!



yes it makes sense... so too does standby for a quicker op. Fingers Crossed etc.


Ah Barbara, that's great news! I'm really happy that someone is listening to you and not imposing something on you. Thank him from me too! I hope this takes a bit of weight off your mind now that you have a clearer way forward. You've had a stressful time of it which can only have made matters worse.

Perhaps if that centre was provisional...they might not get accreditation! Have a good evening. xx

P.S. Thanks for the cute puppy picture!


That's great news glad he was so helpful & you don't have to wait too long for the lap x



Great news Barbara. It sounds like someone is finally listening to you. Fingers crossed for an early date .


Thank you.


Bugger what happened to my post !

Roughly I put


OMG arghhhhhhhhhh.

Congratulations bet you feel a wright had been lifted, third time lucky....

Could your consultant do a hysterectomy while having a lap to save you having two recoveries, I thought I had endo on my bowel , I was certain, speechless when he told me different.

I did write a long winded email but now given up lol. Xxx


Yes I did ask him but he said my MRI shows bowel involvement and he wants to make sure it's a job he can do safely without risking bowel damage and a possible colistomy.

He said that things could and probably have changed dramatically since my last lap in 2004.

Two recoveries do seem a bit much but I appreciated the fact that he needs to "map" out the Endo and adhesions first.



Oh Barbara! I am so pleased for you. I haven't really logged on for a while and was over the moon when I read this.

I think it sounds like a really good approach. I wouldn't worry too much about the fact it's two ops. The laparoscopy will clearly be for him to just 'have a look' and the fact he is willing to do this is fabulous, and very very wise of him. This way, you will know what you are facing, before any operative surgeries.

He is being cautious in exactly the way we need endo surgeons to be, in assessing things such as your bowel before hand, he will ensure that when you do have surgery, the correct team will be in place.

Also it's great you are coming off GNRH. I've been reading alot on EndoMetroplis Facebook group recently, and the founders of that page, Libby Hopton and David Redwine (retired endo surgeon) really seem very skeptical of GNRH benefits - you are doing the right thing coming off it.

Really happy for you. Take care. Love the puppy, beautiful.

PS I know I owe a reply to your mail, only saw it today. I have been struggling with decision over surgery which was going to happen next week, but have decided against it now. Scary, but I do not feel ready at all, despite the pain.

Brownlow - thanks for your advice earlier today on this, it really helped me come to a decision. I think we are all gradually finding a clearer route through these murky waters of endo.



Excellent news! I am soooo pleased for you! You know my feelings about GnRH treatment so I am over the moon that you can get help without having that anymore! I am keeping my fingers crossed that you don't have too long to wait for your lap. x


DO you think you could get your consultant cloned so we can all have one like him? GLad you're getting somewhere!


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