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Any advice for lap aftercare?

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is rambly and all over the place! I had my first lap yesterday for suspected endo. I am in a lot of pain particularly in my collar bone and right shoulder. I can't lie down at all at the moment. The only way can feel moderately comfortable is sitting straight with my shoulders back. How long will this take to go away?

I should say that the surgeon never spoke to me afterwards and I was barely given any details, I felt really rushed out aswell. I was told that no endo was found but they did find and remove some adhesions?! I have no idea how or why I had these, I have never had previous surgery or any STI's. Can adhesions cause endo symptoms?

My pain started at 15 with my periods and eased as soon as I was put on contraception. My problems started again when I came off the mini pill last April as TTC (I am 30 now). I have had various methods of contraception including the Mirena coil, the arm implant, microgynon and cerelle.

I haven't had a normal period since stopping the pill in April, they have been very scant whereas I was always heavy. The colour is very dark and the consistency is very stringy - it looks like old blood.? It only last 2-3 days too whereas it used to be 7. The pain however is worse, I feel like my legs weight a tonne, and my bladder feels full constantly even when it's not.

I managed to ask a nurse a question about intercourse with me TTC. He said to wait 6 weeks after a lap, is still normal? It seems a long time to me. I am awaiting a letter to give me a follow up appt with the surgeon but was told this would take beyond six weeks.

Does anyone have any advice? Once again sorry for rambling, codeine and lack of sleep has me feeling rather out of it!



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Poor you! Shoulder tip pain is quite common. Try to move about as much as you can. Pepper mint tea may help. Were you treated at a BSGE centre? Not all gynaecologist are good at finding endometriosis lesions. Check out this link I posted before on post operative care. It covers most areas.

All the best


Hi. Sorry to hear that 😞 Pepper mint tea will help and it also helped me to like slightly elevated. I have heard heat helps when applied to the area but I didn't try that.

I didn't ask about sex when I was discharged but I have some paperwork that says when I'm really and not in pain. I'm sure how long this will be though.

My legs felt really achey and heavy afterwards, really not sure why though.

If you need to ask me anything else just message me 😀 Hope you feel better soon.


Hi Lynz I had a lap 10 days ago to remove 2 ovarian cysts and adhesions . I've been drinking gallons of peppermint tea and taking oil of peppermint capsules they've helped tremendously. Drinking aloe Vera liquid to help with digestion and old remedy of apple cider vinegar with lemon juice and water to help with constipation especially after taking codeine !! It's all helped me . I decided to go down the private route to have my op done for speed really ,being self employed with my own business I need to get back to work asap . I was able to see my surgeon same day after the op . With a follow up in 6 wks too . Maybe you should try ringing your consultants secretary for a follow up apt . Sadly I think we all have to be proactive in order to experience better care.

. I also visited a homeopath for healing remedies to deal with surgery aftercare and the shock of it all . Think it's helped me . I certainly feel as if I'm on the road to recovery now . I managed to go for a 2 mile walk yesterday and have stopped taking codeine now . Just taking paracetamol and ibuprofen.

I was told I don't have endo , just adhesions I've always had painful periods though . Not sure of the difference .

Hope you improve quickly .

Take care

Emilie x


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