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Severe bleeding after the prostrap depo injection

Hello everyone please can anyone offer any help or advice... I have been in a period for 7. Months I take 3 northesterone daily for the last 2 years after suffering heavy for years and years they seemed to work until 7 months ago

GP recommended stay on continuous so I did well after gynocoloogist and back and fourth they suggested last week a depo injection for 12 months every 3 months to bring in early menopause so I agreed they said would ease the bleeding

Well!!! Omg! All I have done since Thursday is flood bleed severely and massive clots got so bad I stood in shower for 20 mins and it just fished and flooded out everywhere (sorry if to much informations) I rang surgery got emergency appt yesterday flooded on way there had to go back and change I was late and then flooded in the docters room! I was horrified she gave me the good old trananemic acid that usually worked in the past if things got heavy but after taking them yesterday I have been up all night 7 times 4 showers blood everywhere gushing and gushing flood of clots every 30 mins I have iron tabs so took 2 -and will continue to do so

But is this normal? I cried last night actually thinking I'm going to die

I'm very overweight and worry about a operation anaesthetic etc but I need help and don't. O what to do

Has. NO sleep again in bed. NOw writing this and feel drained

What should I do

Has anyone else had this and if so when will it stop many thanks x

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